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Jaycon supplied, installed and commissioned an analogue, addressable fire detection system and early warning intercommunication system at the new 3AW headquarters.

Some of the major items installed on this project were -

• Multi Aspirated Smoke Detection Systems
• A Colour Graphics System
• Interfacing to operate AS1668.1 Smoke Control System and Fire Fan Control Panel.
• Interfacing to monitor Sprinkler Systems including pre-action system
• Interfacing to BMS/BAS System
• Interfacing to Lift control

Description of System

The Fire Alarm System communicates via a 2-core loop which runs throughout the building.

This communication loop feeds intelligent communication devices, which are, in turn, connected to the smoke detectors, thermal detectors and other ancillary equipment, such as gas shutdowns, fire doors, etc.

The smoke detectors are analogue addressable and are able to report back to the main panel on an individual basis via the L.C.D (Liquid Crystal Display).

The Fire Alarm System is interconnected with the Early Warning and Intercommunication System (E.W.I.S) which commences its cascading sequence from the floor where the alarm has originated.

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