Our Services

Jaycon supplies specialist Fire Detection and Early Warning Intercommunications Systems to major commercial, healthcare, industrial and retail sites throughout Australia.

All new installations are maintained by Jaycon’s own specialist maintenance team for a minimum of 12 months and provide a warranty to all products installed during this time.

Fire Alarm Systems

Jaycon are dedicated to producing high quality work with a cost effective design in line with the required Australian Standards and Building Codes.

We are able to design, install and maintain the full range of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems including:

  • Analogue addressable/conventional “point type” detection systems
  • Flame and infrared detection systems
  • Beam detection systems
  • Aspirated smoke detection systems (ASD)
  • Occupant warning speakers
  • Visual alarm devices
  • Emergency telephone systems
  • Warden intercom points
  • Public address/paging systems

Past Projects

Jaycon have installed fire protection systems to a range of different buildings including:
  • Hospitals and health care including Mental Health facilities
  • Aviation facilities
  • Military Bases
  • Residential buildings
  • High rise residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Conventions and exhibition centres
  • Sporting Stadiums and Complexes
  • Shopping centres
  • Correctional Facilities
See our Projects page for more details of past projects.
308 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, completed 2023
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